Team Janica Racing

The most fun you can have in a car with your pants on

Team Janica Racing was born from the simple premise of work hard, play harder.  While that may seem like an easy motto to follow, it’s really not.  As we approach different seasons of life our list of responsibilities grows longer and longer and it becomes increasingly difficult to find the time to enjoy the things we once did.  Sure there are plenty of hobbies or sports to pursue on the weekends but only one really captures the essence of the spirit we set out to achieve and that would be race car driving.  You and the car as one.  No cell phones, no music, no texting, no pets, no kids.  Just you, a car and a mind that is freed of all distractions.  30 minutes of intense concentration and focus having to create a game plan based on the ever changing challenges presented to you at that very moment on the track.  But wouldn’t golf be easier?  Yes it would, and that’s the point.

Taking it to the ultimate level, that of professional race car driver is a rare opportunity to chase a dream for many.  Team Janica Racing has in the past and will continue to support that dream of many professional race car drivers from Mark White to Randy Pobst, Sarah Fischer to Ian Baas.  

So when the track day ends how do we decompress?  For some of us it might be reviewing data and watching in-car video trying to find that elusive tenth of a second and yet for others it might be a scotch and a cigar.  Whatever the poison, rest assured it is well-deserved.

While Team Janica Racing supports many private track day organizations and car clubs through participation or instruction, we never forget what brought us here and what keeps us here…an intense desire to compete on the race track and be the best we can.  Remember, at the end of the day it’s all about “The Most Fun You Can Have In A Car With Your Pants On.

2017 TJR/MBH Memorial Event

This years event will be bigger and better than ever. Team Janica Racing is proudly partnering with the Audi Club North America Chicagoland Chapter.  Hopefully the new partnership will draw many of the Audi Club members to our event. Check out their website

We're also offering the chance for novice drivers and students to participate this year. We've secured a group of trained Audi Club and TJR Instructors to assist with our new Novice Group this year.

We look forward to an amazing event this year.  Please sign up and tell your friends.

See you at GingerMan.